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Zana Christian High School

It is a Christian school under the over sight of Zana Community Presbyterian Church. It has center number, meaning that we seat national exams on site.

Ntale High School

Ntale High School is private girls school in Wakiso, PO Box 57 Mbarara, in the Uganda, East Africa. Tell us what you think of this school

Buloba Secondary School

Buloba Secondary School is a school in Uganda, East Africa. It is located in Buloba, Wakiso Tell us what you think of this school

Trinity College Nabbingo (TRICONA)

Trinity College Nabbingo (TRICONA), is an all-girls boarding school covering grades 8 -13 in Central Uganda. It was established on 1942.

St. Mary's College Kisubi

St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) is a boys-only boarding middle and high school located in Wakiso District in Central Uganda. The school was established in 1906 by the Brothers of Christian Ins

King's College Budo

King’s College Budo predates Makerere University as one of the first centres of higher learning in Uganda. Only Namilyango College and Gayaza High School are older. Since independence in 1962, t