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Uganda Educational System Overview

The system of education in Uganda has a structure of:

  • 7 years of primary education,
  • 6 years of secondary education(divided into 4 years of lower secondary and 2 years of upper secondary school), and
  • 3 to 5 years of postsecondary education.

The present system has existed since the early 1960s.

Uganda’s secondary education system follows the education system of Britain.

It is divided into the ordinary level and advanced level.

  • Lower secondary consist of its 4 years of schooling at the end of which students undertake ordinary-level exams (O- level) in at least 8 subjects with a maximum of 10 subjects.
  • Upper secondary consists of 2 years of schooling at the end of which students sit Advanced-level exam(A-level) in at least 3 subjects.

Educate Uganda

At Educate Uganda, we believe that involvement in education is vital. Whether we are parents, community activists, teachers, principals, or decision makers, we all have a critical role to play in improving Uganda’s education system.

Our decisions and actions affect the education, health, and welfare of our children. By continuing to develop and promote the use of Educate Uganda, we are committed to doing what we can to provide parents across the country with information and analysis to help them make better-informed decisions about their child’s education.

Educate Uganda is the BIGGEST and MOST active Online School Directory in Uganda!

We have been in operation since 2008, and we will be the first online schools database in Uganda.

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  • To provide parents with up to date, relevant information and tools so they can choose the best school for their children, support their children’s education, and improve schools in their local communities.


  • Educate Uganda aims to be the single largest guide for all schools in Uganda with both public and private schools.

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